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Marek Kamiński czyta książkę o podróży nie tylko w najodleglejsze zakątki naszego globu, ale przede wszystkim o najtrudniejszej wyprawie – w głąb samego siebie. Wyprawy w najodleglejsze zakątki globu stanowią pretekst do podróży metafizycznej.

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„Journey” to angielska wersja „Wyprawy” będącej osobistą podróżą w głąb siebie do własnego świata.

Set off on an expedition to discover yourself!

Two Earth poles in one year, crossing Greenland and the Gibson Desert, conquering Mount Vinson, Kilimanjaro and Huayna Potosi in the Andes, Solo TransActarctica expedition, crossing the Atlantic by yacht – twice, the Vistula project … All this was done by one man. How is this possible?

We have huge energy resources that allow us to plan great things and act in the most difficult, unexpected situations. This book teaches you how to use this energy every day. It shows how to capture the meaning of life, especially in those moments when we begin to lose it.

Marek Kamiński, the greatest Polish traveler, in a collision with loneliness and extreme conditions got to know his own limitations and possibilities. He puts this practical knowledge into practice. Take advantage of his unique experience and set off on an expedition. Even if it will be the hardest one – to your own interior.

Marek Kamiński – extreme explorer, Guinness World Record holder, motivational speaker and author of books. As the first man in history, he won both Earth poles in one year.

  • Autor: Marek Kamiński
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  1. Adam

    dobra ksiażka

  2. Franciszek

    Przyjemny angielski, ciekawy temat, angażująca

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